Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Every Locket Tells a Story..

When I first heard of Origami Owl I had no idea what it was.  I went to my friends jewelry bar and immediately fell in love with everything.  I started off telling my first story with a locket for my daughter.  My daughter was turning 17 and I wanted to get her something special.  I picked out the locket and the chain, then had to decide from all the charms what to put into her locket.  As I looked through all the charms I knew whatever I picked I would be writing her a letter about why I picked the charms I did. Here is what she received:

 first charm was the family charm, so she knew family was always there for her and to support her.

Then I got her the sing symbol for I love you.  When my kids were little this is how we always told each I love you.

I then picked the music note because she has been in choir since the 3rd grade, music is her life and her voice is music to our ears.

Finally she really wanted a dog, so I got her the dog paw charm that on the back says "woof".  I told her that one day we will get a dog and she could pick it out.

The locket told a story of love, the love I have for my daughter.  She loved it so much that she wears it every day.  This is my story...now it's time to build your own for you or someone you love.

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