Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Owlidays Limited Time Only Promo!

As the holidays draw near I wonder, how many of you are ready?  Did you get everything on your list? How about all the stocking stuffers? Lucky for you there is still time to order and get your items in time for the holidays!!

If I have the item in stock I will help you build that special gift, without worry of it being delivered on time.  If not we will have to do two day or overnight shipping! Time is running out on the shipping as the last day to order to get those items in on time is the 21st, and that is with overnight shipping!

Has your special someone mentioned they would love to sell Origami Owl? We can work out a gift certificate, which they can use to either buy their kit OR on product! To be on my team my only requirements are those that love to make money doing practically nothing, and have a positive attitude..oh and love jewelry!

I have been with Origami Owl for a year now and couldn't be happier! I really had no idea the small investment I made last year would be such a small drop in the bucket compared to what I have made! I love my business, I love the girls that are on my team as well as other designers that are always there to support me and keep me motivated! I love all that Origami Owl does for their designers and what they offer.  I am also addicted to checking my site and promoting on facebook.  It really is easy money and I only do this part time! I know if this was my full time job, I would be making triple what I do now! Feel free to comment or message me with any questions you have about origami owl.

Before I forget, anyone that signs up with me between now and March 1st, I am giving a special gift to you! These items are while supplies last, my new designers will have a choice of either

A Meduim Origami Owl Display AND Origami Owl Table cloth

OR  a Mobile Jewelry Bar! 

Either selection will help you in getting your business started! Remember this deal is limited time and while supplies last!!

To join click here
My designer ID is 9762013.