Monday, September 8, 2014

Be one of the first 100,000

When I went to my first jewelry bar it was brought up to me that I should consider joining.  Mostly because I loved everything that she had, and didn't have to show! I am a people person and thought about it but, wasn't too keen on a direct sale business.  I decided I had nothing to loose, if it didn't work I walk away with a ton of great new jewelry and some new friends.  After joining I came across this bit of information that I found very interesting.  There is less than 80,000 designers between the U.S and Puerto Rico! The U.S is HUGE so put that number in perspective, that is a needle in a haystack! Be a needle with me, and we can grow together.  

I have loved my journey thus far with Origami Owl.  This company isn't just about profit they make, they spend a lot of that money giving back.  We have charms that 100% of the profit go to ChildHelp, an organization for abused or bullied children.  This company which was started by a 15 year old loves to give back and do for others, especially their designers.  They offer health insurance, and discounted college courses! What you pay for your start up is a drop in the bucket in what you get back in product and incentives! Join my team, and start loving what you do! Make sure to enter designer Id# 9762013.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Should you host?

Getting together with friends is not only fun but, heath therapy. Laughing and enjoying company is a way to relive stress and forget about what's going on. An Origami Owl party can give you and your friends theft perfect reason to get together! As you enjoy your time together, you can assist in putting each others story in their new lockets. So let's party! Message me at or visit my site