Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year New Items!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a great start to your New Year! 2014 has been great, I have met a ton of new people and my team went from 1 to 7! I look forward to adding new and owlsome ladies to my team this year. 

I know you are all excited about the new items coming out soon! How about a sneak peak?! We have a new window frame coming, you can wear it with your wrap bracelet, inside a locket OR just by itself on a chain.

 We also have some new limited edition charms, these are the 2nd edition of last years limited edition heart charms.  Not to mention a new message in a bottle charm plus many more!

I know how much many of you LOVED our heart locket.  Well this year you can get the heart locket in meduim! There is also a new window plate that has a puzzle piece so you can have a mother daughter locket set

Are you excited yet? Well let's get you even more exited with this OWLSOME Hostess Only Exclusive!

RETAIL VALUE: $161+ Over the Heart Chain
+ Large Heart Locket
+ Red Crystal in Silver Dangle
+ Exclusive Love Infinity Dangle
+ Exclusive XOXO Charm
+ 2 Exclusive Red Heart Crystals by Swarovski
+ Exclusive Medium Silver Endless Love Round Plate
+ Silver Link Locket
+ 7” or 8” Link Locket Bracelet

So what do you say? you ready to book a party and get some free goodies?  Message me or visit my site at