Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Be a Part of an Owl-mazing Team!

I am sure you have heard the saying there is no "I" in the word team, well it is so true! My team and I work together, we share idea's and we are always there to support one another.  I am very fortunate to have a group of amazing ladies under me and watching our team grow!

My team consists of nine ladies...and there are 3 more due to join us within the next month or so!

Gaylene Ortiz Gaylene's Website
Gaylene was my very first owl, I met her one day while enjoying some football and some Texas sun! Gaylene is a very sweet and fun lady that I knew right away we would become friends.  Gaylene had told me she was NEVER going to do a direct sales again and wasn't interested in selling just the freebies and discounts.  Let's just say Gaylene has changed her mind on that! She is in LOVE with all of our Origami Owl items, and went from designer to team lead in a matter of two months after joining!!! The point behind this is if she can do it so can you! Might I add, she has yet to even step foot into anyone's house and host an in home party! Yup all her success has been through family, friends, and Facebook! Even when she was sure the fire would die down and she would not do as well as when she first started, she continues to reach goals and kick butt at her business.  What can I say the jewelry is great and when you are as passionate about it as we are it literally sells itself!

Amanda Daly Amanda's Website
Amanda and I have known each other since high school..we won't say just how long that is haha. Amanda has done direct sales before so she wasn't new to the concept of how it works.  She fell in love right away with Origami Owl product and really wanted to sell but, didn't have the money to join so she hosted a party.  With her hostess rewards we used them to help purchase her kit.  She started her business at the very end of 2014 and right away started to book parties.  Having two little ones, this has become the perfect part time job for Amanda as she can be flexible with her schedule and still have plenty of times to spend with her two boys.

Ann Michaud
I met Ann through her step daughter which I am very close friends with.  Ann amazes me with all that she does! She is a direct sales guru! She sells Origami Owl, Scentsy, Jamberry, and I believe one more company she sells for.  Not to mention she also works with our local school district part time and a mother of two adorable young ladies.  I honestly don't know how she does it all but, she makes it work!

Amy Owens Amy's website
Amy is one of Gaylene's gal's. Within less than three months of joining our Origami family she has been doing amazing, and she has also moved up to leading designer! Amy has her own salon (Shear Insanity, Located in Virginia) so running a business isn't anything new to her. Gaylene's sister-in-law was hosting an online party so Amy decided she would buy a locket for herself.  She LOVED it and thought this would be a great product to offer her clients, friends and family! She keeps catalogs on hand at work and anywhere she goes, she is in love with the product.  This business has by far exceeded her expectations! Amy say's "the best part is all the money that she has been making she hasn't touched, it will eventually be a nice stash."

Evelyn Kinnaman Evelyn's Website
Evelyn is also one of Gaylene's gals. Gaylene has known Evelyn for many years but, they haven't seen each other for long time.  Evelyn attended one of Gaylene's online jewelry bars.  Being out of work Gaylene suggested joining as it would help with money, because Origami Owl pays every Friday (as long as you are making sales).  Evelyn liked the idea of working from home and went for it.  Evelyn says she wouldn't have done it if she didn't believe in the product, you can't sell what you yourself don't love or believe in.  Her ultimate goal is to grow her business and have regular clients.  She is someone who can surely say she loves what she does for a living, can you say that?

Kimberly Clovis Kim's Website
Kimberly also signed under Gaylene.  Kimberly decided to join after attending her first jewelry bar.  She wanted a locket to give to her daughter at her baby shower.  Kimberly fell in love with everything Origami Owl has, and after reading about Bella she knew she wanted to be a part of the Origami Owl family.  Kimberly tells everyone how Origami Owl came into her life at the perfect time, and is helping her create a fund for her new granddaughter Iris Elaine 

Aubrie Beer Aubrie's Website
Aubrie is a very new owl who just this week (January 18th, 2015) signed up under Gaylene. Aubrie and Gaylene actually worked at the same company in the past, but they never spoke.  It wasn't until Aubrie attended one of Gaylene's jewelry bars when they connected. Even though Aubrie doesn't even have her kit yet, that hasn't stopped her from already getting ladies ready to order and parties booked! Aubrie decided to join because she loved the product, especially all the creative options! Being a designer also givers her the opportunity make new connections in her community, and meet new friends.

Sharon Waters
Sharon is one of Amy's gals.  Amy wasted no time to start building up a team of her own and that is OWL_MAZING! Sharon is fairly new yet has been working her business!  Sharon joined Origami Owl because she loves the product "The personalization that is available provides a celebration of events that are personal and as individual as the person wearing Origami Owl."

Selena Poling
Selena is one of Kimberly's new owls.

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